Sunday, June 6, 2010

Double Duathlon Weekend

What an exciting weekend this was! Back-to-back duathlons: Nordonia on Saturday, and Twinsburg today.

Nordonia Duathlon

No rain, but it was really humid at the race start. I was sweating buckets. There were about 150 participants, a pretty good turnout considering the OTHER duathlon the following day. Jackie's FIRST duathlon - the first of many, I suspect. Every photo Dave took of her she's smiling, so I think she's hooked.

Jackie's goal was to finish, and she did that just fine. What's next year's goal, Jackie?

My goal was to finish well, with the same or better time as last year. I did that, which got me a second place finish for women (all ages). I got a coffee cup and a $50 gift certificate to Fleet Feet. I'm gonna get me a new pair of shoes!

Twinsburg Duathlon

Inaugural event, bad planning and/or no communication with the event planning committee in Nordonia but it wasn't as bad as I thought to run two of these races back-to-back (not that I really want to do that again). Maybe Mike's paella and Diane's cake last night fueled me up for the race!

Race started early early, and when I got up it was POURING rain, big thick ominous clouds, and it just looked downright scary. Not to mention the tornado warnings until 9 AM - yikes!

Stayed dry for the race, even the roads weren't so bad (probably because of the wind gusts).

Lots of Grunt Girls were doing this race, many of them for the first time. You GO, girls! What a great group.

Mark, Cindy, and the girls came out to cheer me on during the bike leg, which pumped up my motivation in time for the climb up Glenwood Drive. Fast, fun course. Good traffic monitoring. Weird awards.

I took first in my age class - not bad for my tired legs!

Congrats to Shelley, Andrea, and Diana - and to all the other Grunt Girls who finished the race.


  1. Congratulations Pam on great riding this weekend! First in age class. No surprise there. Only you could do two duatholons on a single weekend. Hope to be riding on Thursday :)

  2. I'm glad to hear you finished first in your age group. Great job, Pam. I wouldn't have had the testicles (oh I mean ovaries) to do it. I know you were carb loading with my cake.