Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One last gift idea...

Got this from Ed, with his off-blog comment telling me to screw the snowbike, and consider buying him this instead:

Not sure if it has the same panache as the Pugsley, or if you'll be able to outmaneuver those mountain bikers. But, OK, Ed! Check under those evergreen branches in a few days...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Great Gifts for Cyclists

Still looking for that perfect gift for your cycling friends? Here are some suggestions:

Smartwool Socks
Keep you cool in the heat, warm in the cold, and help wick sweat and snow away from your feet. About $20/pair

Arm coolers

Remember those hot, humid summer riding days? I don't either. But I do remember that these made the sun feel less blistering, especially when soaked in cool water before wearing. About $25

Bike Bell

Necessary for weekend towpath rides. And how cool would that be in a serious club ride? Price: cheap.


Totally hip, completely unnecessary, eye-popping fun. About $60

Apres-Ride necessities:

Screen-printed beer glasses from Vital let you combine your two favorite pastimes. Prices vary

Snowbike, around $1000. For the global warming denial set.

For the cold weather challenged: a multi-session pass to Ohio Indoor Cycling
Bring your training indoors in a fun, social, and challenging setting. $150+

For the cyclist who has everything and knows it:
Shimano Di2 Electronic Shifting - You don't need it, but you know you want it. Pricey.

Singlespeed bike, just 'cause, you know...

Give a membership or trip gift certificate to Adventure Cycling

Membership to a local cycling club, such as Akron Bicycle Club or Summit Freewheelers

Great causes:
Donate on someone's behalf to People for Bikes. Save cycling in all its forms!

Best wishes for a happy holiday season!

Monday, December 5, 2011

How Many Bikes is Too Many Bikes?

It's official: we now have more bikes than we have space to keep them. To a non-cyclist, we would appear to have some strange hoarding disorder. Only the dirtiest of the bunch are banished to the garage; all the rest take up prime locations in the house, occupying the spaces where reasonable people might display art or feel the need for a bed or refrigerator

 Maybe we're just like those families that keep having children. I mean, really,  after the first 4 or so, the rest are really just replacements when one of the originals goes bad. Or the newest addition is so highly specialized that it might not see the light of day for more than a few hours a year. But we love them all, anyway.

Jamis 'cross bike and my 18-year old Rockhopper share space in the garage - at least until Jamis gets a bath.

Long Haul Trucker and Pugsley hanging out in the basement. Camera-shy Raleigh 'cross bike hides off-camera.

Bianchi waits patiently in the foyer to go for a ride on an uncharacteristically warm day in December.

Care and feeding of the herd
Neil is relegated to the trainer until spring

Honestly, how does Dave get any work done in his office?
Because I had such a good time at Iceman/Slush Cup, I figured I should quit borrowing mountain bikes and just buy one already. So, meet my new Giant Talon 29er, the most recent addition to the family.