Saturday, November 26, 2011

Things I'm Thankful For...

Have a grateful and happy Thanksgiving season! This is one holiday that should last longer than the 12 hours or so we typically allot for it, before the mad rush into that other holiday begins.

SO many things to be thankful for, so little time. Here's a short list:

  • Warm weather in November? Not normal, but I'll take advantage of it to...
  • Ride to Hartzler's Dairy in Wooster for a sweet scoop of Heifer Trails ice cream
  • Black Friday shoppers, who have graciously chosen to stay off the roads today in lieu of beating each other up over shit they don't need and that nobody will want a month from now.
  • Leftover turkey
  • Pinot noir
  • Seasonal music done only the way Sting is able
  • A full stable of bikes for every occasion
  • The privilege to live along a National Park, and other protected wild areas
  • Family and friends, the spice of life
May your attitude be of gratitude! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

AdventureCorps registration is OPEN

The Death Valley CORPS Camp begins on March 27, 2012. Registration is now open through the AdventureCorps website. The camp includes 5 days of riding in one of our nation's most stunning National Parks. The $495 fee also includes participation in the Hell's Gate Hundred century ride on March 31.

Reasons to consider signing up for this event:

  1. March is still winter in Cleveland, and you're going to be really sick of it by then.
  2. What better motivation to train hard during the off-season?
  3. The 'Harvey Girl' breakfast at the 49er Cafe, Furnace Creek Ranch
  4. You get to ride through places with cool names like Badwater, Rhyolite, the Funeral Range, and of course, Hell's Gate.
  5. Death Valley is only 100 miles from Las Vegas...

 Dave and I are already signed up. Visions of long mountain passes and sweeping valley vistas are now dancing through my head...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2011 Iceman Cometh

The Iceman Cometh race, held in Traverse City the first Saturday in November, is sort of an anomaly of bike racing. It's a mountain bike race, but mountain bikers will tell you that it feels more like a road race. Roadies would probably disagree, because the route is over snowmobile trails, some singletrack, lots of sand and steep climbs. It can be more or less technical, depending on the weather.

One thing we all can agree on: Iceman makes for a really exciting day! Great workout, beautiful scenery, challenging terrain, bikes and riders of every size, shape, and color. Oh yeah - and lots of beer.

Brendon and Brent just after finishing the race
Dave overtaking another rider, coming into the last chute before his first Iceman finish

A preview of the Surly Moonlander, which will be out just in time for Christmas 2011

Dave and his new Cannondale Lefty, post-race and pre-beer
Draining the Bell's Amber Ale keg with Century Cycles guys Kevin and Doug
The Sno-Cone race draws the biggest crowds and the loudest cheers. This little guy is one his way to one day becoming the Mountain Bike World Champion.