Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Twin Sizzler Re-Cap

The starting line on Court Street, July 4, 2010

I did fine in the Twin Sizzler on Sunday: 1:15:16 for the 27 miles. Slower than I wanted, but I'm happy with those results.

Finished 3rd in the Expert women's category, behind two very formidable riders. Jane and Leah were fantastic. I hung with them all the way to the last 2 miles or so, when I came off the pull and just kind of fizzled.

Jane finished first in a sprint, Leah close behind, I'm sure, although I didn't see it, obviously.

Not to bitch too much about the Twin Sizzler particulars, but with the chaotic and completely FUBAR finishing results, I was quite perturbed to see that the RUNNER'S may actually have had some sort of decent timing mechanism.

Twin Sizzler Race Organizers: There were HUNDREDS of cyclists out on the morning of the 4th. PLEASE stop treating us like second class citizens! We'll dis you, I swear...

Congrats to John Perchinske on his FIRST race, ever! Many more to come, I would imagine.

Congrats to to Jackie (still smiling), Dave (Category 6, yeah!), Trish Mc, and the gals who raced with me: Nancy, Tina, Angie.
Trish, Me, and Tina - after the race, popsicles for all!

Thanks to Sara for her presence at the finish, and for taking photos that I'll never see because I'm opposed to Facebook... Next time, you're racing with us, Sara!


  1. Haha I will post the pictures from the Twin Sizzler on my blog! check back in the next day or so...

  2. Sara!
    Thanks for posting the photos on your blog - (everybody check out Sara's blog: http://confessionsofanendurancejunkie.blogspot.com.