Friday, August 19, 2011

Pryde and Joy!

I am happy to announce the arrival of Neil Pryde, who came into my life last week.

Neil and I were off to a rather complicated relationship after our first ride together. I couldn't wait to get him out on the road, and when I did I was a little caught off-guard by how, well, twitchy he was.

I figured this relationship could use some professional help. We went to counseling last weekend (pro-fit at Eddy's), and things have improved tremendously.

Still, going from my Bianchi to my Neil Pryde is like getting out of the Jetta and into an Indy car. There's still a learning curve, but I can tell that the ride is going to be phenomenal. For example, I've learned not to 'steer' the bike so much with my body; Neil responds simply to my thoughts.

This Sunday, Neil will be making his racing debut at the Deerfield Time Trial (without aero bars, which haven't arrived yet). I'm looking forward to a fast, fun race - and a lot of exciting rides on my new bike!


  1. It looks like a stealth fighter on two-wheels. Go Pammy!

  2. Yeah, it's a badass death machine!

  3. Well chosen Pam. There will be no catching you now. I see that the company also makes windsurfers. Does your bike come with a sail?