Friday, August 17, 2012

MN Adventure, Part 2: Urban Cycling MPLS

On the Stone Bridge, over the Mississippi

Somehow, Minneapolis has learned to be bicycle-friendly. The downtown area boasts bike lanes, rental bikes, bike parking, cyclists of all stripes, bike shops for every taste. It was eye candy for a Clevelander.

Jill and I left her home north of the city in the early morning, sharing popular highways with the work-bound traffic until we got to the bike route system that traverses downtown MPLS and vicinity.
Vending machine with bike stuff - great idea!

Our goal: a visitor's intro to Minneapolis. Jill was an excellent tour guide, choosing routes that would highlight bridges and locks on the river, the arts district, architecture, cool neighborhoods, and great local color. We stopped at 2 bike stores: Freewheel and The Angry Catfish (known for its fat bikes, a MN creation - and where I bought a pair of badass socks).

We rode at least 40 miles, stopping once for a late morning second breakfast at Anodyne, and then later we stopped for good (and drinks!) at Psycho Suzi's.

Urban cycling is nothing like road riding. It's really kind of stressful. You're always on guard for car traffic, there's a lot of starting and stopping and dodging and weaving - but the payoff is worth it.

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