Saturday, September 29, 2012

Finally, the 'off-season'

The last of the Deerfield TTs ended a couple of weeks ago, and with it my planned race year.

I'm both happy and sad to see it end. Happy, because in the last few weeks of training I was creeping toward the sharp edge of burnout. After my last interval workout a few days before the TT, it seemed that my entire body was staging a protest. The miles were too long, the intensity too overwhelming. It was getting near time to stop.

And yet, I kind of already miss the routine of having distinct training days, knowing that it's gonna hurt - that it's SUPPOSED to hurt. And I love the way  all that hard work made me feel super strong, overflowing with energy, and loaded with confidence.

All of that is completely unnecessary as the off-season begins.

There will be other 'races' this year, of course, but all of them are races I do for fun. CX is all about mud and beer, my only goal to show up, get lapped, and have a good time. Not exactly the same mindset as training for summer racing, but I think it's a good diversion and a way to remember that cycling is, above all else, supposed to be fun.

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