Saturday, February 2, 2013

Desert Dreaming

I just realized it's February, and that means that I'll soon be in Death Valley again. The bikes have to be packed up and shipped out in just a few short weeks, and I have to convince myself that I'm ready for this.

AdventureCorps offers an early-season cycling event in Death Valley every year to coincide with their Spring Century (I'm signed up for the Ultra Century this year - 155 miles of 'WTF was I thinking???'). Since my first time out here for AdventureCorps, back in 2010, I've fallen hard for the long, desolate roads, the brutal winds, relentless climbs, and breathtaking surrealism of this place.

I'll be writing more about this upcoming adventure (because it never fails in that regard) in the next few weeks, and hope to post updates while in California. For now, I'd better get back on the trainer. I've got Artist's Drive in my very near future. 

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