Saturday, July 18, 2015

And some other stuff happened...

The whirlwind that is my life often leaves me spinning, with little time to take a glance back over my shoulder to remember where I've been.

It wasn't until I took a badly needed (and too-many-times-rescheduled) coffee break with an old friend that I realized I forgot to chronicle a way cool event of the recent past. (Ed, my coffee date, knows me from my Rescue Village days*, is not a FB guy, and likes to follow my antics via this blog**).

The event of note was the Duathlon National Championship race in St. Paul, MN, in early June. No race report here, but some fun things to remember as well as some highlights:

  • I competed in this event at Angie Ridgel's urging. We both did this race (as did Martha Brennan, another SnakeBite Racing team member), and we both loved it (and did well). I wouldn't have done this without her, and I can't imagine a more compatible racer/friend to share this experience with. 
  • We flew into town and stayed with Jill and Tim Marks, who live north of Minneapolis. This is always a treat. I wish these two lived closer. But clearly for us, distance doesn't seem to matter all that much. 
  • The amazing Jill not only hosted us, she volunteered her time for the event (i.e. ALL DAY, even longer for her than for any of us racing). Having Jill cheering on the sidelines as I came into the transition area was out of this world. Jill. Is. Awesome.
  • Competing against nationally-ranked athletes was an eye-opener. Waiting at the start line, the announcer rattled off names and titles of the gals in my division. I thought for sure I was in the wrong group. 
  • I have a lot to learn.
  • Angie, Martha, and I all qualified for World Duathlon Championships next year, in Aviles, Spain. Yes, we're going. 
  • Prior to leaving for St. Paul, an acquaintance overheard that I would be competing in Duathlon Nationals that weekend. She gave me an odd look and said "Do you shoot guns?" I often need interactions like this to put this stuff into perspective.

*My 'fat' days, before I shifted my focus to things more strenuous. Or, as Ed puts it, 'back before you traded your tits for legs'. Ha! Georganne, I thought of you immediately! ;)

**And sometimes the motivation I need to post something, anything. 

Coming into T2
Angie (357) and Martha (356) at the start line

Finish line fun!
Hamming it up at the Finish
Post race posing: Lucky #13 hanging out with 'the Magnum'!

Jill, Angie, me, and a trio of gardener martinis. We live to celebrate!

Podium shot for my age group. I'm #3!!

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