Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My 508 Adventure Begins!

Let's get this show on the road, already!

Introducing Team Hellhound:

Tim Marks (Pileated Woodpecker):5 time solo 508 finisher, which earns him a place in the Hall of Fame
Pam Semanik (Hellhound): First/last time 508 competitor

Jill Marks - Crew Chief Extraordinaire. Crew experience includes all of Tim's races and training rides, as well as RAAM support both this year (Seana Hogan) and last year (Team Ohio Cycleworks Charities)
Corinne Casanova - Crew/Support/Beer Garden Reservations/party planner. Opened her home for our mega-shipments of bikes, equipment, etc. Can't wait to meet her!

I'm leaving Cleveland tomorrow morning, meeting up with Jill and Tim in Minneapolis and then we'll be flying into Sacramento together. By early afternoon, we'll be in Reno and putting our bikes together at Corinne's house. Tomorrow and Friday we get ready; the race starts at 8 AM on Saturday.

I'm terrified and excited and wondering if I'm prepared but ready to find out.

We have goals, of course, and in their most basic form look like this:
1. Survive
2. Finish before the cut-off time (46.5 hours for relay teams)

Of course, we have some other, slightly more lofty goals, but I'm not going to jinx myself by posting them all over the public domain. Those goals are based on ideal conditions and no freaky incidents.

If you want to follow us, or your other 508 faves, you can check out the 508 website's live feed:

Tim and Jill, Death Valley c. 2011

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