Friday, December 29, 2017

December's End

In spite of my rock solid motivations, and the rising tides of guilt, I am having a really hard time crawling out into this cold morning to get to the gym, as I was so determined to do.

Outside, a muffled, metallic scraping of plow blade on snowy street is my only indication that it is morning. (There are no alarm clocks this week).

I weigh my options: virtue vs. a few more minutes under these thick layers, against a warm body, in the middle of winter when  all I want is to satisfy some primeval craving for the enveloping darkness and a moment of stillness.

(Virtue loses, again!)

When I will finally crawl out into the blue light of morning, it will be toward a pot of steaming black coffee and a frosted-window view of a deep and silent season.

Enjoy these dark days. They won't last.


  1. As I age, I find motivation harder to come by.
    The hardest part is just getting started. Actually the first 5 to 10 minutes sucks as well. After that, not so bad and I end up glad to have done it.
    I would rather be riding outdoors.