Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Diversion

Earlier this month, Dave and I traveled to Austin, TX. Austin is this great little liberal pocket of sanity in an otherwise fascist (did I really just say that?) state. College town, bikes all over the place, great margaritas, music blasting from every doorway. City motto is Keep Austin Weird.

Spend lots of time (and $$) at Mellow Johnny's. We were told that we missed Lance by a couple of hours. Came back the next day to see if we could catch him. No Lance sightings, but I'm beginning to burn a hole in my credit card.

JUST in case you forgot you were in Texas...
(read this guy's shirt)

Aside from the great bike scene, Austin is known for it's live music, especially if you're a blues fan.

(Me and Stevie Ray)

Saw a couple of really good bands, especially this one:

Back home in snowy Cleveland. Windtrainer beckons...

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