Sunday, September 18, 2011

The View from the Top

The 2011 Eastern Ohio Time Trial series (5 races in 5 months) ended today. I didn't finish as strong as I had hoped, but I did win the points competition for my age group. The photo, below, was taken from the podium. Definitely a moment to remember!

This was my first year of Time Trialing, and so I figured I would end the season with what I've learned from racing this series:
  1. I like races that are short, fast, uncomplicated, close to home, and low-key. This series was perfect.
  2. My best time was an average of almost 23mph, so I learned that I can ride that fast. I also learned that I can't ride that fast every time, and so I need to train better.
  3. A new bike doesn't guarantee a better TT time. It's really all about the engine.
  4. Take the tool bag OFF the bike before the race!
  5. A TT is a great way to identify both strengths and limiters. But especially limiters!
Me and Jackie post-race, pre-pancakes
42 degrees this morning at race time - brrr!
Jackie on the podium for her age group

The Points Champions for the 2011 Season! That's George Liolios in front, next to Brian (race organizer). Chappy is behind and to my left. Congrats, all!

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