Sunday, September 25, 2011

What the Thrill of Victory Must Feel Like...

Did you ever wonder what it must be like for those Tour de France guys to ride into town to the cheers of adoring fans lining the barricaded roads?

I got a taste of that yesterday.

No, I didn't win some grand cycling race. I wasn't racing at all. And, actually, the cheers weren't even for me, but for the girl running close behind me.

I escorted the female relay team leader to the finish line of the 2011 Akron Marathon.

Me, Brandon, Brad, and Kurt waiting for our runners to arrive at mile 19 so we can lead them to the finish.
Every year, the Summit Freewheelers has the honor of leading-out the elite runners in every race category of the Akron Roadrunner Marathon. It was an exciting opportunity for me to be in the thick of the race, experiencing the adrenaline rush as the leaders approached Canal Park stadium in downtown Akron. The streets were alive with racers, spectators, friends and family making all kinds of noise for the racers inside the last mile of the race.

I led Shannon (don't know her last name, but she's with Team Isis) from about mile 19 to the barricaded chute leading to the finish line, announcing to the spectators that the female leader was approaching. And what an amazing runner Shannon is, powering up the hills, smiling the entire way, showing good sportsmanship when passing other exhausted runners. She looked strong to the end.

Shannon is super strong, having a great time.

Racers on High Street in Akron
Congratulations to Shannon, Team Isis, and all the participants in the Akron Marathon.

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