Sunday, November 30, 2014

The party is over - for now

Mountain bikes are happiest when they're covered in filth.
My last day of four weeks of 'Transition' ends today. Tomorrow, the hard work starts up again, the preparation for a new journey into what I want to accomplish in my athletic season next year. It's going to be different from my usual racing plan; I'm ready for some new challenges. (No, I'm not switching to surfing. Not yet, anyway.)

I hardly need encouragment to do what I want, except when it comes to my training plan. That's where I tend to be rather compliant (because I need to be). Having a month of days where the plan is essentially 'go play'  feels like someone just unclipped me from my leash and left the gate wide open.

Day-Before-Thanksgiving ride with Angie. We LOVE this cold weather!

Angie and her new CX bike

Thanksgiving Day ride in the snow, with Dave 

What you get when the snow and ice melt off

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