Monday, February 21, 2011

Back to Death Valley!

For any of you who want to follow me on my AdventureCorps Furnace Creek Century, I'll be posting and loading photos whenever I get the opportunity and a good internet connection.

Here's the agenda for our Death Valley adventure.

Wednesday: Fly into Vegas, drive to Death Valley/Furnace Creek Ranch. Should be there early afternoon. The bikes arrived there last Thursday, and are waiting for our arrival. (It kills me thinking that my bike may be having fun without me...)

Thursday: Meet Jill and Tim Marks, who are driving in from Minnesota. The plan is to ride Artist's Drive, a 25-mile one-way loop with a couple of killer hills. This time, I'll take pictures (last year, when we rode in the cold and rain, I was too miserable to pull my camera out. Or maybe my hands were numb. I don't remember.)

Friday: Longer ride out to Stovepipe Wells and back, about 50 miles total. Yoga out on the FC lawn in the afternoon. Maybe a dip in the hot-spring-fed pool?

Saturday: Furnace Creek Century, the event I've been waiting/training for! Jill and I will ride together, in the same wave. Dave is kinda on his own. Tim is doing the Double Century, so we'll be waiting for him somewhere with a cold drink in hand, presumably.

I sent most of my bike gear with the Bianchi, but I'm packing some extra stuff in my suitcase so I'm ready for anything. Just read in Bicycling mag about why you should carry things like duct tape, safety pins, and rubber gloves on long rides. Any other suggestions please bring 'em on, but hurry as I'll be packed up and ready to leave by Tuesday night.
Check back sometime after Wednesday for updates and stories from the road.

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  1. Pam, You sure picked to right time to go. Talk about missing another major snow storm. I didn't even make it into work. Enjoy the riding for me. I will just have to keep pretending on the trainer until this weather gets warmer and the snow goes :)