Saturday, February 5, 2011

Decision, decisions...

Death Valley is less than THREE WEEKS away! Sometime around Feb. 12, Dave and I have to get our bikes ready to ship, so that they'll arrive a day before we do.

Here's my dilemma: Which bike should I bring?

My choices are my Bianchi road bike, or my Jamis CX bike. I need you to help me decide!

Before you vote, consider the details.
  • The AdventureCorps website suggests a bike with clincher tires of at least 25mm wide, and with LOW GEARING at least 39/27.
  • Last year, I brought the Bianchi. I didn't have enough gears for one of the climbs that I intend to do this year.
  • However, the Bianchi was PERFECT for the Century ride last year, and that's the main focus of the trip this year (the 2011 Century is a timed event, the other route mentioned above is optional)
And here's the 411 on the bikes:

  • My steady, tried and true bike, which I ride all the time
  • I've been training on it all winter
  • I'll have to change to wider tires
  • Low gearing is 39/25
  • The highest gear (53) is perfect for flying descents
  • New bike, SRAM shifting that I'm not quite used to
  • Haven't ridden it since my last CX race in October
  • Have to change to thinner tires!
  • Low gearing is 36/32
  • The highest gear (46) is a little weak for those long, flying descents

So now what do I do?

Any suggestions would be most helpful! Please vote your choice in the POLL in the top right corner of this post before I pack it up next week...


  1. Recommended 39/27 vs. your 39/25? That's only two teeth difference, plus with the training you've done, you're in a lot better shape to handle that climb now, right? Or, you can easily just swap your cassette to a 12-27.

  2. I'd recommend the Jamis, mainly because it doesn't have a flat rear tire. I can lend you some aero-bars to clip on for those descents and century comfort.

    However, if you can get the rear tire fixed, then the tattered Bianchi with a 12/27 might be a good second choice.

  3. I'd go with your Bianchi Road Bike and just put on your preferred cluster. Sounds like you haven't ridden the Jamis for long, back-to-back miles to know what it's long-mile ergo comfort is for you.

  4. Bianchi Road bike. No doubt-You've done your training on it. I would suggest if it helps with peace of mind to which out the cassette. Another idea-if you take the Jamis-think about possibly switching out the saddle from the road bike. However you would want to sure the geometry and positioning is ideal. If you do this-do it rather soon so you have it exactly right for the ride.

  5. MarvelousMark!
    Thanks for your comment - I was hoping nobody would notice the flat rear tire!

    It has since been fixed, and since I have to put a wider tire on before Death Valley anyway, it shouldn't slow me down too much.


  6. What a problem to have? Wish we all had your dilemma. Of course I would choose the Bianchi. You haven't ridden your newer bike enough to know it well enough. Do you really want to take the chance on this ride when your Bianchi will do the job well as it is. Have fun! Jackie

  7. Hey, Jackie! Next year? Whaddya say?