Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Duathlon: My race goal

I like to do race course re-con a week or two before the actual event, just to get a feel for the terrain. Even though I've competed in the Nordonia Duathlon before, I wanted to go out and test the track again today, a little over a week before the race.

I'm glad I did; it was a lot harder than I remembered. Of course, the perpetual rain/cold/wind/rain weather pattern northeast Ohio has been suffering through since March doesn't put me at the same level of fitness as last year, either.

I did the entire course in a little over 1:17, which isn't too bad. I finished the race last year in 1:13: and some change, which got me a second place for all women.

Goal for May 21:
Let's go with 1:14:00. I know that I haven't been out training as much, and the race is 3 weeks earlier than last year's event. I'm trying to be realistic here...

Anyone else doing this race?

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  1. Hi Pam,
    Good to see you writing (and racing) again. Best of luck with the Du tomorrow; nicer weather I think. My family and I are off next weekend to Ottawa to do the marathon there (note how casually I toss that off... actually it's gonna HURT).
    all my best,
    Your boy, Chris