Sunday, May 8, 2011

Racing season 2011 begins!

I raced at RATL (Race at the Lakes) yesterday, for the first time and in my Snakebite Team kit!

4 other teammates showed up for this race, and we worked together on tactics, coached and encouraged each other along the way, and had a good time doing it - but just couldn't keep up with the lead girls. Thanks to Angie, Andrea, Stacy, and Kim for a great race yesterday.

And congratulations to Gray Patton who did this amazing bat-out-of-hell impersonation, taking off like she was on fire at the very beginning of the race, and holding her lead the entire 15 laps. I didn't see her again until I finished.

Next week I'm planning to be back out at RATL, for the last of the 4-race series. But I'm also considering racing the Colavito Time Trial series, which begins next Sunday. Not sure if I'll do both races yet - I'll decide later in the week...


  1. you know you want to race both Pam!!! Come to RATL.. we need you!. have a great week. ANGIE

  2. You've talked me into it! See you BOTH at RATL this Saturday!